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      Why Self-Management is Important

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      The Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term re continues to help improve the lives of people living with chronic disease by offering several FREE self-management programs:

      Healthy Change workshops continue to help improve the lives of people living with chronic disease.

      Recent News
      COVID-19 Update
      COVID-19 Update
      All Self-Management workshops are currently suspended. Click here for details.

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      Attention Health re Professionals

      You n develop your own skills for supporting self-management through attending a free workshop lled “Choices & Changes”, developed by the Institute for Healthre Communition.

      Upcoming Workshops

      Workshops Suspended

      We are taking the necessary preutions and suspending all Self-Management Workshops in an effort to do our part in protecting you and our peer leaders.

      How much do the programs cost?

      There is no cost to participate in any of these self-management programs and the patient does not need a referral from a doctor or health re professional. Some people are referred to the program by their health re professional but self-referrals are also encouraged.

      Roughly half of nadians live with a chronic health condition.

      Approximately half of nadians are living with a chronic health condition. Beuse of this staggering volume, it is evident that self-management will be necessary to keep people healthier and living independently in their own homes longer.